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UT places a high priority on water by incorporating sustainable practices in regards to our land management, green building practices and conservation education.


Water Conservation

Roughly 1.5 gallons of water are used to wash a dining tray. By eliminating trays from all dining locations, UT is able to conserve a great deal of water as well as time and energy.
UT Dining utilizes electrically converted water technology to clean the floors. This technology uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods.

UT is “Taking Back the Tap”

UT is ‘bringing tap back’ by lowering bottled water consumption and the associated costs on the energy use, and GHG emissions through increasing access and educational outreach.
Over 170 Britta Refill Bottle Stations are located throughout campus, as well as two outdoor locations. With funding support from the Green Fee and TN Clean Water Network, UT has made significant strides in decreasing the demand for bottled water on campus and has avoided over.5.4 million water bottles from going to the landfill, since 2015.

Orange and White Hall

Integrating sustainable design into our buildings and landscape saves money, reduces dependence on outdated technology, and creates a more environmentally friendly campus for us all.

Rain that falls on Orange Hall is collected and travels through a series of complex treatment filters to remove impurities and prevent bacterial growth before it’s ready for reuse. One tank of rain water provides 2,991 loads of laundry, or 27,343 toilet flushes, or 31 days of irrigation.