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Green Holidays


Trees are green, lights are green, wreaths and garlands and holiday-themed wrapping paper are green – but they aren’t always green in […]

50 Ways to Save Water

conserve water

Sick of high utility bills? Concerned about the dwindling water resources of our neighbors in the western USA and other […]

DIY Green Cleaners


When you open your cleaning cabinet, do you see a long line of expensive spray bottles with toxic chemicals and […]

reVOLve. Yard Sale

reVOLve. is a program designed to reduce the waste produced by University of Tennessee students during the end-of-year move out and […]

Back to School Green Tips


From gathering supplies to traveling to staying up all night studying, there’s no doubt that going back to school is […]

Bonnaroo is Going Green


It’s June in Tennessee which means it’s time for one of the best music festivals in the country: Bonnaroo.  Along […]