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Last year, UTK placed 157th out of 167 schools in the waste minimization category, generating 12.3 lbs. of waste per person, per week. In order to succeed as a university, and to overcome last year’s defeat, UT Recycling needs the students, faculty and staff to increase their individual waste reduction efforts. This year, UT Recycling is introducing a residence hall competition, and will be awarding the winning hall with a Sustainable Solution.

UT Recycling’s 9th annual RecycleMania will emphasize the 5R’s of waste reduction, for more info go to Bea Johnson’s blog, Zero Waste Home:

  1. Refuse what you do not need
  2. Reduce what you do need
  3. Reuse what you consume
  4. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse
  5. Rot (compost) the rest

Teams have been formed for each residence hall on Net Impact: Small Steps, Big Wins, a social media site where residents will log their waste reduction actions to earn points for their hall’s team. Residents can also participate in “5R” programs hosted by their res halls, programs hosted by UT Recycling, and selected campus events to earn additional points for their teams.

Check out the point system for more detailed descriptions of how students can get involved.