Everyday, people from across campus work to Make Orange Green at UT. The University of Tennessee demonstrates its appreciation for these leaders during Earth Month’s Environmental Leadership Awards.

The 2014 Environmental Leadership Awards  is now accepting nominations for students, faculty, and staff that embody UT’s environmental mission. To nominate an individual, please fill out the form below. The 2014 Environmental Leadership Award Ceremony  will take place Tuesday, April 22nd (time and location TBD).

The period for nominations for Environmental Leadership Awards has passed. Please join us in congratulating and recognizing the 2014 Environmental Leadership Award recipients on Monday April, 22 during UT's Earth Day Celebration!

2013 Environmental Leadership Award Winners 

2013 Environmental Leadership Award Recipients

Kenneth McFarland

A lecturer in the Department of Biology, McFarland received the faculty member Environmental Leadership Award for his dedication to promoting environmental awareness through botany.  He has devoted over 40 years to planting and tending the native plants and archival crop gardens on UT’s campus as well as organizing student oriented efforts to remove invasive plants from UT property.

McFarland is also a long-time Chair of the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which begins this week.

Nick Alderson

An Environmental Studies and Sustainability double major, Alderson received the Ryan Edwards Memorial Award for undergraduate environmental leadership.

Alderson is extremely active within the Student Environmental Initiatives Committee and the CCE. He is a student worker for UT Recycling and an active member of Students Promoting Environmental Action in Knoxville (SPEAK). Alderson has submitted personal op-eds to the Daily Beacon, most notably for the conversion of the campus steam plant from coal to natural gas.

Claudine Nagel

An employee of UT Parking and Transit Services, Nagel received the staff member Environmental Leadership Award.  Nagel is dedicated to recycling within her office. She constantly reminds fellow staff members to reduce the use of natural resources, promoting sustainable habits throughout the department.