Car-Free on Campus?

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How much do you think the average college student will spend operating a car all four years of school? How does $15,000 sound?  If you’re like me, that answer might shock you.  Luckily, the University of Tennessee offers a TON of alternate transportation methods so you don’t need a car on campus.  While you think having a car might be the most convenient method of transportation, ask yourself, “Is it really worth $15,000?” If you have been on campus in the past few weeks I’m sure you’ve seen the new buses driving around.  One of the most exciting things about these busses is the fact that they are better for the environment!  All of the new buses release emissions that are cleaner than the intake air. They run on B20, a biodiesel fuel that releases 20 percent less hydrocarbons than conventional bus fuel.  Plus, they have new, fancy front loading bicycle racks. The University of Tennessee Outdoor Program (UTOP) also allows students to rent bikes for a day, weekend, or semester all for a small fee.  For more information go If you want to get off campus, you can use Knoxville Area Transit.  KAT buses travel to all of Knoxville’s major retail destinations and grocery stores. For more information about bus routes and fares go to If you are absolutely dying to drive somewhere, feel free to check out Zipcar.  Zipcar for Universities offers the convenience of car ownership without the hassles of having a car on campus. UT hosts two Zipcars which students can rent for a low hourly or daily rate with gas and insurance included. Join now and your first year fee will be waived and you’ll get $35 in free driving. So with all these options, who needs a car? If I had known about all these options my freshman year, I would never have brought my car to school!

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